These photography competitions


i dont run them to get credit…i dont run them to get rep points…in fact i dont get anything for running them…except tokenz for prizes off certain people…i dont ask for anything else

but…i always hope people try to make an effort,but yet again i’m struggling to get enough entries to make it worthwhile,whether its the themed one or the non-vip one

if these competitions are to continue i need a little support in the way of entries


IMO… I think if you’re doing comps make it one comp, I think doing two seperate comps one for VIP and one for non is retarded and a bit elitist sounding. Unless VIP comps have nudity, I see no point.


You talkin’ to me?


He did make one themed and one not. The VIP one anyone can enter the way I read it.


its non V.I.P for a reason…see the prize

now it would have been stupid offering that to a V.I.P




Ahh I see says the blind man! Is this comp still taking contestants?


I would enter if it was easier to show the pics :smiley: Still working on that atm


it is:nod: