Things you learned this week 3/28

Some of the best things in life are things you just don’t see coming

Patience is one of the greatest virtues. And of the virtues, it is the biggest pain in the ass

I am a geek, behold my WOW Orc

Try to look at things from the other person’s perspective before you open your mouth

I’d make a sexy woman (thanks Lexi)

When things are going good, don’t analyze it and wonder why it’s so good or how long it will last, you’ll go crazy, just kick back and enjoy it

Terriyaki beef Jerky is the most inferior of all beef Jerky

Peter Parka thinks im a hooligan.

Asian Girls have fantastic smiles.

Never leand money
zorak has knob tattoed on his head

That I have excellent ideas

That days that look like they will be bad, are not always bad

That just one person can make a huge difference

That my MD’s divorce sucks a huge African schlong being that he’s my one client I can’t charge!

That my boardroom at work is a fun place to be (sometimes)

That new music is always welcome

That running in windy conditions sucks a huge Africa…oh I’ve done that one

That I am the reincarnation of Jesus (not that guy, this fat Mexican dude that sold nachos)

People will take the offer if you invite them to photoshop you

Breakfast is better with more then one form of dead pig

Beer and popcorn do mix

I really dig “Female of the Species” by Space.

Romance is not dead.

Interviews can be stressful.

Sometimes, spending $250 on a suit is totally worth it.

I love Victoria’s Secret.

Some of the worst things in life are things you just don’t see coming, no matter how hard you try to think of everything

That apparently there are parts of me that aren’t in as bad a shape as I had feared

That it ain’t over yet

That messing around with tough, scary women on OTz late at night will give you the wildest dreams :eek - and you’ll like them :ninja

That I Rock the Frikking Casbah at choosing hawt dresses!!! (thank you OTz you shamelessly poor taste fellow boarders!!)

That I can edit a post instead of post whoring . . . AHEM!!! Oh, crap :eek

That I think this thread is great, and I think Samdrew should start a new one every week

That I still don’t like Samdrew, and can’t reconcile that with the thing I learned just above

That I’m not the most popular guy here. I learned that last week, and the week before that as well :frowning:

That I am, however, the most popular dog here. HA! Take that, DarkenedHound!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

[quote=“satinbutterfly, post: 1077486”]I really dig “Female of the Species” by Space.


"How can heaven hold a place for me, when a Girl like you has cast a spell on me. "

I learned that older girls sometimes dig younger guys. I also learned that they make me feel like a bum.

[quote=“canidae, post: 1077489”]That I’m not the most popular guy here. I learned that last week, and the week before that as well :frowning:

Well you’re way more popular that some :ninja

i can fly…like a rock

I learned that vibrating rings are for external use only, also I learned how to profile a person very well, uhm… dork is a whale’s penis, I learned how to manage my budget better.

I learned that I do have a backbone, I just have to use it.
I learned that I can’t control other people, only my reaction to them.
I learned that if it walks like a duck and looks like a duck, it’s a God damned duck.
I learned that people never stop surprising me.
I learned that I only get one of these lives and I’m going to live it to the fullest.
Oh and I learned that if you call MMA ‘garbage fighting’, it can bring out the worst in the best of people :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay close the thread, we have a winner!!

:24::24::24: :homo:

I learned that there are still gentlemen

I learned that my tummy does not like the new BK Burger Shots

I learned that my boyfriend doesn’t get disgusted but instead laughs at the above problem even though I was embarrassed as I think I ever have been when I had a squeaking fart when we were together.

And I just learned that a dork is a whale’s penis.

The time you have with a loved one is precious and short.
So make the best of every moment you have with them!

That my son has as much fun as I thought he did at college.