This ever happen to any of you?

You go to AIM someone you know and your message accidentally gets sent to some stranger?

LOL, right now I am getting to know Megan.

Accidentally? Are you blond, by chance? :slight_smile:

lmao nope hun

No, I am a brunette. And the IM actually showed up in the correct person’s window but then I got a hostile message from Megan asking who I was. LOL.

i accidently send them to the wrong person on my list sometimes. A friend of mine and her mother are both on my AIM list. When she added me she tried to fuck with me because her and her daughters AIM names are virtually identical except for the last few numbers.

So did you go over to their place for a 3-way?

LOL Nope, never happened to me… but I have been known to type messages intended for someone else (often of a ‘private’ nature) in the wrong window when chatting to too many people at once.

Yeah this would be easier to swallow if I ever talked to this person before.

LOL, I do that a lot.

5:24:36 PM Megan who are u
5:25:00 PM Lexi: Lexi, who are you?
5:26:49 PM Megan you should l
5:27:01 PM Megan know who i am you messaged me
5:27:27 PM Lexi: I did?
5:27:37 PM Megan yes
5:27:46 PM Lexi: When?
5:28:30 PM Megan just now
5:28:30 PM Megan are you retarded
5:29:09 PM Lexi: LOL, apparently because I don’t even have you in my list much less Imed you.
5:29:43 PM Megan well ya did hence why i asked who you were
5:30:29 PM Lexi: What did I say? Was it “Hi” because that was supposed to go to someone else.
5:31:59 PM Megan yup…just wondering how it came to me
5:32:08 PM Lexi: I have no idea.
5:32:13 PM Lexi: Do you know Justin?
5:33:22 PM Megan nope no clue
5:34:15 PM Megan do you know him?
5:35:48 PM Lexi: Yes, I talk to him all the time, he was the one I said “hi” to.
5:36:01 PM Lexi: I also said: “Who is getting this message?”
5:36:07 PM Lexi: Did you get that or him?
5:37:23 PM Megan i didnt get that one but you should be worried if his screen name is similar to mine
5:40:46 PM Megan what is justins last name
5:43:34 PM Megan ok then
5:46:42 PM Megan tell justin i said hi
5:52:38 PM Lexi: Sorry I am still at work.
5:53:06 PM Lexi: Apparently his screen name is sending to you for some strange reason, hopefully you haven’t been reading my dirty notes LOL
5:54:00 PM Megan i wonder how i am getting his messages…what is his
last name
5:55:06 PM Megan or where is he from…
5:55:13 PM Lexi: Cincinnati
5:55:55 PM Megan yeah dont know him i am in new york
5:56:07 PM Lexi: LOL, I am in NYC too
5:56:41 PM Megan cool
5:56:48 PM Megan but im not in the city
5:56:51 PM Lexi: Oh
5:57:13 PM Lexi: Well, anyway, my name is Lexi.
5:58:20 PM Megan ok nice to meet you i guess
5:58:24 PM Megan lol
5:58:26 PM Lexi: lol
5:58:41 PM Lexi: If you want to chat just hit me up. What’s you name?
5:59:31 PM Megan Megan
6:00:01 PM Lexi: Well nice to meet you, even under the unusual circumstances. lol
6:00:30 PM Megan lol yes very unusual
6:01:07 PM Megan nice to meet you
6:01:11 PM Lexi: So where in NY, are you from?
6:01:24 PM Lexi: Like I said, I live and work in Manhattan.
6:01:32 PM Megan originally the city
6:01:39 PM Megan now i live upstate
6:01:58 PM Lexi: Far up state?
6:02:10 PM Megan 4 hours
6:02:19 PM Lexi: Wow, so near like Rochester.
6:02:21 PM Lexi: ??
6:02:37 PM Megan no
6:02:53 PM Megan different direction
6:03:03 PM Megan in the capital region
6:03:17 PM Lexi: Oh, near Albany then.
6:03:19 PM Lexi: Gotcha.
6:03:33 PM Megan yup
6:03:38 PM Lexi: I am 25, how old are you?
6:04:18 PM Megan 29
6:04:45 PM Lexi: Are you married?
6:04:54 PM Lexi: I’m not. Hope to be soon though.
6:04:55 PM Lexi: LOL
6:05:13 PM Megan nope
6:05:18 PM Megan i dont wanna be
6:05:43 PM Lexi: Oh, sorry. Did you have a bad experience or something?
6:06:42 PM Megan nope just not ready
6:06:52 PM Lexi: Oh, that is fair enough.
6:07:21 PM Megan yup i am actually in a great relationship with an awesome guy so we will see i guess
6:07:48 PM Lexi: That is where I am at too, just looking for it to progress.
6:09:37 PM Lexi: So where did you live in NYC?
6:10:08 PM Megan lower east side
6:10:33 PM Lexi: Nice, I am up in Chelsea.
6:10:59 PM Megan cool have you lived there your whole life
6:11:26 PM Lexi: No. I was born in Oregon, I moved out here to go to NYU and just never left.
6:12:10 PM Megan cool
6:12:22 PM Lexi: What made you leave?
6:12:41 PM Megan i had enough
6:12:57 PM Lexi: I guess I haven’t gotten my fill yet.
6:14:19 PM Megan 28 yrs was enough for me
6:14:31 PM Lexi: Oh, you were born here.
6:14:45 PM Lexi: Not sure if I would have wanted to live here as a kid.
6:15:28 PM Megan i lived in staten island
6:15:56 PM Lexi: Oh, that probably would have been better.
6:16:10 PM Megan yup
6:19:23 PM Lexi: Oh okay.

Yes I have sent message that have gotten sent to people I have no idea who they were…

And I have had messages sent to me that weren’t meant for me as well usually of dirty nature.

way too long

[quote=“jassilem, post: 1098585”]Yes I have sent message that have gotten sent to people I have no idea who they were…

And I have had messages sent to me that weren’t meant for me as well usually of dirty nature.[/quote]

i love getting the wrong dirty ones…

Phone number to my inbox.

I love sending dirty messages lmfao

I wish I got dirty messages… just sayin. :ninja

You’re never on though.

i usually go back and forth with them for awhile then tell them they have the wrong person :24:

adds lexi to yahoo

i love sending em to people i know :24:

still doesn’t see her active on list