This Jillian Barberie woman

I had never even fuckin heard of her until I saw Nutrisystem commercials. Apparently shes some twobit actress. She looks like a damn slut in these commercials trying to be all up in the camera with her chrest heaved up in shirts and bikinis. :ninja

I wondered who she was too…i had no idea, but thought she looked good.

so are you complaining about her heaved up chest and bikini’s?:turninggay2:

Dana you must not watch football. She has been a weather girl on Fox NFL Sunday pre game for several years. She also does a morning tv show in LA

lol Dana haha

Nope I don’t watch NFL.

I think she’s a pretty girl

I like how the play off she lost weight eating Nutrisystem but surely the gym exercise to get her waist too look like it does had no effect.


I didn’t know who she was either.

wow even I knew, I feel smart suddenly :smiley:

It won’t last :stuck_out_tongue:

I know I just did a stupid thing and now Im right back there again, well it was fun for the 5 minutes that it lasted

I knew she was the Fox girl… I don’t remember her ever being “big” enough to need NutriSystem… I hate when they do that!

BTW i love sluts… Ian…

I had a feeling she was never fat. I don’t watch Fox. I only even watch FX if theres a good movie on.

[quote=“Dana, post: 1092041”]BTW i love sluts… Ian…EVERY CHANCE I GET! [/quote]


[quote=“AUFred, post: 1092043”][quote=“Dana, post: 1092041”]BTW i love sluts… Ian…EVERY CHANCE I GET! [/quote]


[quote=“Dana, post: 1092044”][quote=“AUFred, post: 1092043”]
FAIL LMFAO[/quote]

unfortunately yes:24:

I’m w/ homo…I’ve know who she was for years now.