Tim and Alicia's bird

I can’t believe you guys taught your bird such nasty things to say! :-p hahahah i thought of yall when i saw this…its priceless!
MySpace Videos: Pottymouth Parrot by Michelle

haha omg!! I can never imagine our bird saying that!! And you think the parrot would be swearing in french since the guy is speaking to him in french.

i know thats the funny part! lmao. you should teach your bird to say twat! lol

haha yeah right, that would be so great for when family comes to see her! haha

yeah thats why its so funny.
{Alicia’s grandmother knocks on door}
Alicia: Hi Grandma! I’ve missed you so much!
Bird in background: Whats up motherfucking twat!
{grandmother passes out from heart attack}



I want that parrot, be a great conversation starter at Christmas :slight_smile:

Haha! Quality!:smiley: My uncle has a budgie that swears, it says “fuck off” and once told my mum to piss off!:smiley:

lmao, the very end of that was freakin hilarious