To Spank or not to spank. That is the question


What is everyones opinion on spanking a child?
And what about spanking in school?


I b elieve parents should be able to spank there on children when there bad … But school that should be at the parents permission… Now not beatings and leaving bruises :dunno


spanking in my opinion is acceptable…don’t beat though…their is too many kids not getting a good spanking now a days and look at the youth of america…very sad…kids have no dicipline


Believe me, my kids get spanked when need be. I just dont understand these parents who dont have any control over their kids and then they are wondering why their kids wont mind. Well, DUH! Because you dont discapline them, is what I wanna tell them. It seems to me sometimes that parents like that, are letting their kids be the parent.


I agree i us to sse and hear things when i worked at Traget … if I had talk to my Mom like that shed have slapped me … it was crazy ,but one little boy what he said i new he had heard his Dad say that to his Mom


spank em until they are too old for spanking… like 10 or 11…

spanking in school… now that would be humilating… but no… i wouldnt allow it


Parents spanking? all for it. I got hit on the back of the knees with a wooden paint mixer. and you know what? I didn’t do that shit again.

Teachers spanking? no. Usually the children teachers want to spank are the ones that are old enough to realize what they did wrong long after they did it, so it should be the parents obligation to punish their kids after school.

I’m all for detentions though. Talk about the most boring hours of my life.


Spanking at home yes. School no.



spnakinkg at home yes but as others have said dont beat getthe point across and stop i think the most i got was 10 with a belt on the ass and i stil havent done that again

in school never


Spanking at home is fine, school is a no no

Dont want power hungry teachers getting out teh paddles with holes in them for faster speeds


my kids get spanked and I think it is wrong when someone “reports” it… UNLESS it is BAD spanking, I dont see a problem with it. Kids are bad… they sometimes NEED spankings.!


Spank Definatly Spank…

cmon now, no hijacking this thread with pics like that