Token tavern


I noticed that not too many people are using their tokens…

We have alot of people that have alot of tokens right now… remember you can purchase peoples titles, ect w/ them. :slight_smile: Lets get some orders in, just PM me with the info.


will there be a possibility of getting a ModdedMustangs tshirt with tokenz in the future?


yes :slight_smile: that is what we are trying to establish. It will probably be a big amount of tokens though. not sure yet. we will figure it all out soon.

also so everyone knows… all names except one has went back to normal (other than mods). The only one that hasnt changed yet is bossman351 because that was just changed last week.


thinks about changing sourlemons name hmmm


whats the ballpark figure of tokens for the t-shirt?

edit: changed “pf” to “of”


probably well over 50-100 thousand tokenz?


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Hmmmm name changeing


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yeah, im saving up! :smiley:


I wish I had tokens to spend