Token Updates


Tokens have been reset… accidentally. Please bear with me while I try to get all the bugs out. I am trying to get it set to where when you join you automatically get 50 tokens… as is we were having to manually add the tokens for each new user. I used a “set” command to set all “fresh meat”, as in those having 0 (apparently meant 0 or more) posts to 50 tokens.

This is unfortunately some growing pains Im having to suffer through as I get the boards setup properly… I can tell you though… I wont do that again but hopefully it fixed our problem.


I just won the trophy for that mini putt game, and came bact to see where it pu me as far as tokens go… and my heart dropped, I went from 1700+ tokens to 186… Ouch. At least I’m still beating you MD. You were getting close :smiley:


hehe, glad your not too upset.



oh well shit happens




No biggie. :dunno I’ll just have to build em back up :smiley:


wow… I was hoping that yall would flame him LOL


nah. i was shocked to see that i had almost 600 tokens down to 50.