how do u get tokens sorry im new


Admin will give you 50 tokens to start with, and you also get tokens for posting and racking up points on the games. You also win tokens for taking a trophey in any game, plus the jackpot. Look Here

Welcome to the forums, tell us a little about yourself.



i have 3 cars im 19 and im cool lol


added your tokens, sorry it took so long. welcome to the boards




Re: well

LOL Welcom to the site!!

Great personal discription BTW. I’m cool too. :rofl :rofl


we are all cool, thats how we got to the site. others like gmkilla and babygurl, well they arent so cool

gmkilla (b/c his notch doesnt want to be driven by a fag anymore…)—>>


newbie…needs tokens

I am pretty much a lurker over at We have a mineral grey '02 GT…umm I mean my hubby has an '02 GT…LoL!! (Over the weekend I was taking my daughter to an Easter Egg Hunt and did not have permission to take “HIS” car…no damned candy in the Stang!! LoL!!!)

I came over here to play some games…but I cant!!! Help!!




gonna give you some tokens to get started, the games charge 2 tokens each to go towards the high score jackpot. You get tokens for posting as well, so by now you should be able to play but I try to give all new members 50 tokens to start… so you’ll get a pm from me shortly :smiley: Thanks for joining, look foward to seeing a few posts from you and your hubby too! or lurking thats cool too.


Thanks!! :banana


Re: well

this is yet to be decided :smiley:

j/k welcome …

ps when i was 10 i had like 50 cars…
but they were all like 3 inches long…yea hotwheels, yea matchbox

they were faaast though…great power to weight ratio :gears