Too good to be true?


[]go to
]look on right column- see the little ads?
[] there is this program where it takes 30 minutes to set up a one-week ad and you get paid up to 1000 bucks a day to let it run
]so spend 30 minutes a week to make 7000 bucks…

is it too good to be true??[/list][/list]


Sounds to good to be true whats the catch ???


no catch?


So you get how much for doing what ???


b/w 100k and 356k bucks a year for advertising on google’s right column ad bar


So what are you doing again ???


set up an ad on google and let it run

everytime the ad is clicked, you get money


i dont see any ads on google… you must have spywhere on your pc that gave you the advertisement that you just gave us


i linked to it from i might tho. i did on IE, but everything cleared once i got mozilla?


try this:

go to
search for something- type cars
then look on right column, you dont see little ads?


do you mean the “sponsored links”?


It all boils down to this…there’s no such thing as easy money. Unless of course you’re included in a generous will or you win the lottery… :dunno


Something that easy wouldn’t be a secret for long. It’s too good to be true. Sorry man.