Took quite a spill last weekend

The fiancee & I were on a weekend getaway in Hocking Hills OH. We’d rented a cabin for a few days & it had a pretty sweet hot tub/ jaquzzi. Well, apon dryng off, I stepped down from the tub onto a hard tile covered stair. Seeing my feet were still a bit wet & the tile was damp from the humidity… I went down on the stairs & my lower back took the blunt of the landing. That was Sunday & it’s still buggin me!:withstupid:

I would see a doctor

OOO I’ve done that on my parents porch in the middle of winter. I had the biggest deepest bruise ever. It was so nasty looking and I had the bruise for over a month. Hope it stops buggin ya soon.

i would sue…lmao…isn’t that the American way to do things?

Hey now :willy_nilly:

Where’s my lawyer?

It’s just a nasty bruise. It’s getting a little better day by day but, it’s not where I want it to be at this point. I just want to feel 100%.

It’s not like I could sue them either. Part of our rental agreement was that the lessors weren’t liable for any injuries, stolen or damaged property or even lost property of the lessee.

It’ll heal ok. I just want it to heal now.


get some cream from the chemist


I’ve been taking alot of ibuprofen for the swelling. It’s gone down alot but, still lets me know if I bend over the wrong way.

Really sucks when I’m working seeing I have to open & close ovens on a low level so often.

:24::24::24: repped!