Top Post Hoes


Has anyone noticed that the number of posts in the “Top Post Hoes” category on the main page doesn’t have the same number as what’s just under your name?

I noticed that sourlemon had more than I did, so I looked at his and he has like 90 less than me.


Tazzy(2852), vshayes(2120), UncleBacon(2073), HOTRODSnBOOZE(1629), sp3nis(1492), AtlanticBlue99(1439), StangMang(1149), artisan00(1133), sourlemon2k5(965)

Compare em, I’m confused.


post count by your avatar is all your normal posts what’s on the main page for top post hoes are all your posts including the ones in wonderland


and by the way I’m at 2075 now


So the posts in wonderland don’t count towards your total under your name?


Re: RE: Top Post Hoes…

CORRECT, my import lovin friend. I believe the reasoning behind that is so we cant go into Wonderland and Token Hoe.


how many do i have?


looks like you’ve found a way around that…

Good thing I rarely post in there.


Joe and V set it up so that you don’t get tokens for your posts in wonderland so it doesn’t show up by your avatar but it does show up under your total posts


2077 now bishes


Re: RE: Top Post Hoes…

only about 800 left till you catch up with jan,


I know…so close but yet so far away


Time to send an email to Jan and tell her how much we miss her here and want her to start posting again.


not till I take over the top seed


I would say to go start post whoring at MF, but I like to do it here. I don’t have the time to post whore much anymore.


Hell I’m just trying to get to 500 posts. I set my goals low so I can achieve them quicker. That’s the secret of my lack of success.




anything worth doing is worth doin gright…gottta be the best…lol


oh yeah 2103 total posts now


What i wanna know is…HOW THEY HELL is T still at the top?

She hasn’t been here in like 2 months…and Bacons been whoreing like a mofo…maybe bacon’s just lost his whoreing skillzz and can’t step up :booze


Wow :dunno