chalk up another 1000 posts…I wonder when I’ll hit 20k


if its any rate like me, by the end of the week! mad propz chris

booooooooo boooooooooo


dude- you only have 6000- not 16000!! LOL

WTF!!!thats it I’m banning you V


I had a feeling she was going to do that.


just for that, im keeping it that way :wink:

Bacon was Own3d. lmao

thats not even right

lol, fukn a serves you right chris!!! seiously reconsidering his 1 k thread now

Its good to be the King

awe man…now I have to double time the whoring again

Poor bacon. haha

lol- i wont mess with you.

chris deserved it

ha ha ha ha go V!!!

sinz you still have under 1k…it quiet time for you go to your corner

how did I deserve it?