Got my 360 yesterday and yess it kicks ass oh yes it does


Every one was sold out :tard


you can buy it now on ebay for $5500


:fu not in this lifetime


:agree im not that into games. thats a def. no.


Re: RE: 360

thats rediculous… my bro-in-law sold one for $750 last night


my master chief saw one on there for $5500 and another for $4000


it’s just dumb to pay that kind of money when all you’ll have to do is wait a bit. :dunno


yeah, like wait till the weekend, theres more than ms wants you to think there is :dunno


Re: RE: 360

:agree Bossman wants one in a baaaaad way too. But I think he’s too smart to spend that much $$ on one. Thats just dumb.


same thing when PS2 cameout. getting like 2-3 grand for one on ebay. its rediculous. never in my life time would i pay 2-3 G’s for a game system. most adults could probally wait till more came out and it was back to 3 and 4 hundred dolllars. but most likely its the kids that want one for xmas and the parents would do anything to get them one at any cost. same thing with that damn tickle me elmo toy years back.


i got one last night, my mom bought it for me, it was a surprise. she bought this game call of duty or something, it’s so much fun man i just played it today! the graphics are so cool and smooth i love it so much


awesome man. i guess she pre order it a while back.


well no she said she just went to best buy at 5:00 in the morning and picked it up


Pardon my ignorance, but what’s a 360 ? a car ?


the new X-box game system