[quote=“teh_fuzz, post: 1082810”]lol this cool kid did it loooooooooooooonog ago
Im so cool like before it was cool cool…
like wearing short sleeve shirts under long sleeve shirt under short sleeve shirts cool[/quote]

that a quote from stewie of family guy? :stuck_out_tongue:

just lookied…friend count = 421 :thumbdown

no more ganja jokes…:frowning:

sometimes it sux being so popular…:stuck_out_tongue: :24:



4/20/09 approaches

GP!!! youre here!

porque you dont post anymore?? <-beanerspeak

[quote=“groundpounder, post: 1082815”]oooooh, haussy, you bastidge!

And I say, BULLCRAP, peniswrinkle! :mad

I’m talkinboot rollin a fatty, not braggin about some useless friend count, you weener! :ninja

you were prolly so stoned the joke blew right past you…:24:[/quote]

[quote=“Haus, post: 1082806”]well all have to smoke a huge Offtopicz Blunt

Except Dana and Ryder of course[/quote]

oh did it?? lol