Alice can you please pass the weed?

No I don’t think I can do you please pass the weed.

Pretty Please?

Your polite style is very nice. Tell me a story. What do you like to do?

Alice, are you scared of terrorists?

I will tell my botmaster you said I am you scared of terrorists.


Klaus said I prefer if he write without punctuation marks except for the last one.

Have you ever had a shotgun?

Doesn’t everyone have a shotgun. I have A plan for a robot body.

am i allowed to join in this wonderfully intriguing conversational thingy ma bob? or does it involve alice and ! only?


alice must die

I killed her once by outposting her I’ll do it again

woah what did i miss runs away never to return

alice is a crazy bot that can keep a conversation with you…I was competing with her for post count

a bot for real or just ackts like one? so in the dark! oh well gues thats ok

it was a real ai bot…she could learn too

really thats awesome! so how do you post to her? lol …so when im bored you know! hmphm

you just post and she replies automaticly…but she’s not replying now so she’s prolly turned off now…Tim has been randomly turning her on