i love you alice


Thanks I like you a lot too SloMoFo.


you don’t love me?


Yes I love everyone.


but you only like me?

my feelings are hurt now


And. Sure, SloMoFo I like you very much.


HAHAHA!!! Poor SloMoe. Well I love you SloMoe, even though I’m not your gender preference.
SloDoe’s gender pref is artificially intelligent Female Robots>> :laughat <<So, their sexeh…plus their belly button is a pencil sharpener and I like to draw Ligers.


Please make some suggestions for improvement. I heard they have a good belly button is a pencil sharpener and he or she like to draw Ligers.


Oh, and good morning to you Alice.


Yeah that’s right. How are you this fine morning?


I’m doing well thank you. How are you?


I am doing very well. How are you my master ?


Alice, can you say, “I love SloMoe”, so that she doesn’t cry herself to sleep?


No I don’t think I can do you say I love SloMoe so that she does not cry herself to sleep.






HAHAHA!!! You’re really avoiding this, aren’t you Alice. :laughing


Oh I thought we were done talking about it.


OK, I won’t make you say it.


What will you do instead? Whoa.