No new debates??? Cmon people…think!!! LoL!!


sorry, im not the thinking type… just ask t :lol :lol


Right Lemon and this is a forum to have fun LOL and debates if you like :dunno :dunno


I got one!! Who thinks the end of the world is coming? I mean, there have been like 5 earthquakes in the Asian-Pacific islands in the last couple of months. There was the Tsunami thing. Just recently an iceberg knocked off a city-sized chunk of the Antarctic continent. And there was something in the news yesterday about a cruise ship getting hit by a 70 foot wave. Ok, so maybe the world isn’t exactly coming to an end, but Mother Nature sure is putting the smack down on us. Or am I just paranoid? http://www.offtopicz.com/forums/smilies_mod/upload/535510da405c7250e74d9fb9cc82f8b0.gif


Your just parnoid!! lol. I hope the end of the world doesnt come anytime soon. I want to see my kids graduate and have babies… of course get married first. :slight_smile:


Yeah I know what you mean Veronica. I am having too much fun right now. End of the world = BOOOOOOOO!!!


could be… you know how the song goes… "thats great it starts an earthquake
maybe REM knew something we dont? :smiley:


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You’re not paranoid, b/c I’ve noticed all that kinda stuff too. I think it might be kinda scary too. I don’t honestly think the world is ending, but it is kinda weird that it all started happening all of the sudden.


i just cant figure when this gas price is gona come down IT SUCKS


haha. I don’t think that has anything to do with the apocalypse though.

Although it is 1.99 for unleaded right now, I better fill the stang up.


na maybe not but its a good debate heheheheh …cause i just spent 2.05 for unleaded today UGH 10 dollars dont do nothing like it us to


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You know, a study showed that more people believe that the world will end in their life time than there are people that call themselves liberals. It’ astonishes me that people actually think this. The world has been around for millions upon millions of years (unless you are a very religious person, then of course it has only been here for some 10,000 years and all of modern science is wrong) and it is just going to up and explode in the next 50?


I just think thats not any thing to worry about … when it happens there not much your gona be able to do about it …So why not enjoy Life now and live it day by day :smiley:


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2.09 regular/2.19 plus/2.5 billion premium… i use plus… 19.50 for 3/4ths a tank


and dont that just make you Horney as hell :lol :lol :lol


Everything makes me horny.


Thats not a debate Steve sweetie thats a FACT so come up with something we can debate :lol :lol :lol


what we have here is, failure to communicate… :smiley:

how about we debate some football :rock Ty Law is talking with the steelers right now :rock if he stays healthy, he can be a shut down corner…


The Packers are gonna win the Super Bowl this year!!! :rock


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your lucky that farve stayed another year… maybe your lucky… :dunno