Tornado = teh suck


:hump tornado went right down the middle of mine and my neighbors driveway about 1 hour ago, 2 trees down in my yard…one 20 ft from my mustang, one on my neighbors house, one on my neighbors car, 2 in my other neighbors yard, across the road one house had 7 pine trees in the front yard, now there are only 2. looks like i’m gonna have a fun weekend. DAMMIT


fuck dude. it’s amazing that nobody was hurt…or worse.

you should be thankful


:o thats scary… but :agree, its good noone was hurt (and your car :gears )


just got off the phone with my dad, he said my dog and my rabbits are all just sitting there like :wtf just happened, and where did my house go???


that really sucks!!! Glad you or your stang wasnt hurt!


sucks dude… at least the stang wasn’t hurt…
the weather is crazy everywhere these days…


:lol :lol :lol

That’s funny. I’m glad nobody got hurt too.

Anybody see that movie Day After Tomorrow? … Things have been kinda strang in recent memory… :dunno


Matt walks out to see his Stang flying away.


[quote=HOTRODSnBOOZE]Matt walks out to see his Stang flying away.[/quote]


You know how many times I’ve washed my car and watched a bird crap on it or get forced into a puddle and screamed that exact phrase…

Matt, that sucks. Did the Tornado ever touch down? Im sure if it actually had, your car would have ended up down the street upside down. A couple years ago where I live, we had our first tornado, it never quite touched down, but it uprooted tons of trees and ripped off roofs. It hovered over the houses on my street, we had 4 tree’s uprooted and my Dads old Ranger tipped onto it’s side. Never seen anything like that in my life.


Tornados are crazy shit :dunno


i’m not sure if it touched down or not, in a bout a 1/4 mile strait line there is about 25 trees either down, broken or mangled to shit. its too dark to take pics, i’ll wake up early and get some before work, heres one my dad got of what you see out the side door on the house. (how the heck do you put in pictures on here) oh well, i’ll post it on mustang forums and link there. :owned by the tornado. more pics in the morning…


that really sucks!!!


damn dude, glad nothing else got owned


how about the pics???


i’m at work now, i’ll post some more tonight when i get home. you should see my neighbors car, it got :owned




That’s post whore Bobby’s Stang in that twistaa :o


where are the rest of the pictures??


should be postin a bunch more pics in about 30 mins on mf…cause i cant figure out how to do it here.


why not link them here?