Torrentspy help


i signed up for how the hell do you use it. theres a lot of programs on there i wouldnt mind Downloading. any help from the members who saw this site from or anyone who knows how to use it


Its really easy to dl all of those programs, you just need a bittorrent client. My personal favorite is BitComet, with BitLord coming in at a close second. You can find both of those bittorrent clients at and they’re both free. Happy DL’ing!


thanks man. ill see how it works.


I really like Azureus it’s a great client maybe a little big on the filesize but it’s worth it you can download it Here


jesus christ the files download so god damn slow. am i doing something wrong? thats what i get for pirating the games. :tard


Yes it is slow, make that very slow, but if you are patient - you will be rewarded.

Just a word of advice - don’t download any zip files - some (maybe most) of them contain viruses. Also a lot of the movies are in languages other than English so read the feedback - sometimes it’s very useful.

Allan Sharpe


It’s not slow… it depends on peers and seeds. Plus, you need to find some help on their forums to find out how to open some restricted download ports for file sharing on your computer. Just use Azureus - it’s the best BT program in existence.


i tried that program but it said my port was NAT error and couldnt get ti to work so i scaped that program


Yyyyyeah, just go ahead and look around for help on the Torrentspy forums. Just don’t ask for help or you’re highly likely to be bashed for being ignorant or something.