Towards dissolution of Iran-IAEA nuclear agreement

Recently the Iranian state has clearly expressed its proper and wise intent of dissolution of the Iran-IAEA agreement, given willful refusal of the European union member states to trade with Iran in all civilian goods for gold, silver and barter. Iran will unilaterally dissolve the Iran-IAEA nuclear agreement by the end of year 2019, unless all European union member states unconditionally begin to trade in all civilian goods with Iran for gold, silver and barter by the end of year 2019. Civilian goods are all goods except for weapons.

The Iranian state will ignore all proposals of the European union member states to settle transactions in unsecured euro promissory notes issued by the European central bank, as the European central bank is well known as currency manipulator, which manipulates the exchange rate of the euro as much as 50% within three months through interventions in foreign currency markets, plundering the wealth of foreign traders in favor of European traders. Transactions with Iran will be settled in gold and silver or by barter.

The Iranian state shall avoid accumulation of funds in euros, as the European union member states are notoriously known for plunder of assets of foreign investors, denominated in euros: firstly, by fraudulent promises foreign investors are enticed to keep deposits in euros in European banks, secondly, these deposits of foreign investors are frozen under various pretexts by European courts, and eventually confiscated under various pretexts by European courts. Therefore, the Iranian state will swiftly purchase necessary goods produced by companies and corporations in the European union member states, liquidating its holdings of euros by the end of year 2019.

Lying US secretary of state Michael Pompey has offered Iran new negotiations. Let US secretary of state Michael Pompey clearly understand that while the United States of America is welcome to return to the present Iran-IAEA agreement, there will be no new negotiations between the United States of America and Iran on the Iranian nuclear program, as the present Iran-IAEA agreement is beneficial to both the USA and Iran and is established upon mutually beneficial agreed upon terms.

Lying US national security advisor John Bolton has falsely claimed that the Iran-IAEA agreement is somehow in violation of US national interests. In fact, as all 19th century agreements with regional great powers, negotiated by US presidents as John Adams and James Monroe, the American statesmen far more competent and far more moral than lying US national security advisor John Bolton, the Iran-IAEA agreement with regard to the Iranian nuclear program was negotiated upon mutually beneficial agreed upon terms in respect to the sacred and inalienable national sovereignty of Iran and in compliance with US national interests. Regretfully, powerful Israeli zionist lobbies in US, the zionist criminal organization AIPAC and the zionist criminal organization adl, unduly influenced US foreign policy through threats and bribes to force the United States of America to exit the Iran-IAEA agreement. Additionally, the Iranian ballistic missiles program is not subject to any negotiations and is a sovereign issue of Iran.

Iran properly and wisely continues to enrich nuclear fuel, researching nuclear energy. Iran will build 16-20 nuclear power plants to provide the Iranian people with inexpensive nuclear energy and free Iranian oil and gas for exports. Furthermore, Iran will consider building a sufficient number of nuclear weapons to secure existence of Iran and the future for all Iranian children without exception. Iran will build a sufficient number of short-range ballistic missiles, medium range ballistic missiles, long-range missiles and intercontinental ballistic missiles, so that the United States of America hear and fear, and know Iranian power. Iran will build an Iranian starship and launch an Iranian starflier in starsphere in an Iranian starship. Then all states, nations and peoples of the world will acknowledge the free, sovereign and independent Iranian state as a great regional power in the Middle East.