Tragedy in Tampa


i dont know if this made the national news but the other day on I75 which is a major interstate in Florida (connects Miaim to Tampa and then Tampa to Tally) someone was shot WHILE DRIVING from someone in another car. they assume that the person was shot b/c of some exreme road rage, but they havent found the killer yet and the last thing that i heard they were trying to determine whether or not the victim was killed by the bullet or the impact(the car veered off the road and struck a tree at a very HIGH speed-the speed limit is 70). just something to think the next that we antagonize someone on the road, especially someone in a slower car. I have done it and i know that all have you have too. that is just incomprehensible to me… :dunno


shit damn we live near 75 in Valdookie


That sucks, to get shot while driving, damn, that sux :wtf


i agree, road rage is real bad, once in a while i accidentally cut someone off (never on purpose) but they dont know it was a mistake, and sometimes i get worried that theyre a crazy…

but why does it matter if they are in a slower car?.. i would think if they were in a fast one they could catch up to you more so no?


for example… if you are next to a slow ass civic and you are egging him on or toying with him b/c your car is far more powered. almost like making fun of a slower car, like you let him pass you and then you pass him and yadda yadda yadda. im sure everyone ELSE got it


yea last year in augusta, this frak went to a mcdonalds drive thru and got in an argument with the cashier… well the driver of the car grabbed a thing of ketchup and threw it att he cashier then shot into the drive thru window at random people. luckily the guy missed hitting anyone, it was bad though. that stuff is real scary- when you cant control a situation.


Like joe said, we live off of interstate 75. I always drive it when I am going to st. augustine… :frowning: I always worry about crap like that happening too… :frowning: I hope they will catch the ass that did it.


I live off I-75 too…just way up here north in Cincinnati. I am sorry to hear about that. Last year we had a crazy going around in Columbus shooting at people…way too close for comfort. It went on for months and months. I think he shot at cars over 20 times…luckily there was one death and not 45. They did finally find him in Vegas. I’m sure they’ll eventually find this guy and fry him.


WOW V just think when i drove to see you i was driving 75 most of the way from Newnan … Kinda glad im back Home in Texas now :dunno :dunno