Training wheels

Did you have training wheels on your bike as a kid? Would you use them, or have you used them with your kids’ bikes?

I didn’t and I won’t :smiley:

I had them up until i was 5 i believe.

I did. Dominic will have them because if he’s anything like his mama he’ll be falling all the time (with or without the bike).

I didn’t, but my kids won’t ride their bikes without them. I took them off both bikes last summer. One because my stinking neighbors kid broke the training wheels on one and it was just time for Michaels to be taken off. Well not 2 days after I took them off the stinkig neighbors kid did something where the bike won’t peddle now. GRRR I’m hoping to get it fixed, but gotta find someone to do it.

[quote=“Sneakiecat, post: 1087790”] (with or without the bike).[/quote]:24::24: accident prone?

Well, there was the time I fell off a bunk bed, separated my shoulder, and knocked myself unconscious. Or the time i was jumping off a coquina wall and sliced my hand open. Or the time I fell while skating and sprained both wrists. The list goes…

I used them an so will Liam…

I am a klutz and this boy is doomed… between bad eyes and my klutz gene… I think we will spend a lot of time in the ER…

Hey Melissa, we should meet up some time at the ER. I’m sure we’ll have to go some time soon.

Oh yeah… I haven’t hurt myself in awhile(Nov.)… I am due… :ninja

I haven’t been in awhile but we had to take the baby a few weeks ago. The dog nipped him and we thought he might need stitches. Thankfully, he didn’t.

Well that is a good thing. I am terrified about Liam’s first ER visit… I will be crying LOL

I had them… but not for long. Taught myself how to ride a bike, to my father’s dismay. Ah well… “I’ll do it myself.” were my my favorite 4 words as a child.

I cried for about ten minutes in the car once he stopped crying, the bleeding stopped, and he was demanding “more please” (of what, I don’t know), I calmed down.

That’s so Dominic. He wants to step down from the porch to the sidewalk by himself and ends up nearly falling on his face every time. Thank God he can’t talk yet or I’m sure I’d be hearing that a lot.


I would be a mess too…

Um no… i got my first bike when i was too old for training wheels i think, was never really interested in bikes.

My eldest didn’t use training wheels but my youngest did, its a matter of them wanting them i think i they want the extra wheels then so be it if not then they suffer if they fall hahaha makes me sound a little sadistic but its a lesson learned

Hell with my kids…I still use them…For those nights where I drink a few too many:D

hahahahaha My ex put training wheels on my eldest sons motor bike the first time he had a go they didnt last too long

OK peoples - thanks for your input on this.

When I was a kid, if you were caught with training wheels on your bike and you were a guy, you got labeled a sissy.

I never really thought about it because my dad just held the bike while I got my balance and then he let go . . . whereupon I immediately crashed into a bush. After a few more of those,and he left me to figure it out for myself, which eventually I did.