how do you guys score like that?.. i dotn seem to get any score for the swimming part, and the diving part i cant more than 3000 or so. is there something you are supsoed to do that the instructions dont tell?


i have the same prob…


its easy. just keep on trying. took me like 5 tries to beats birdie score but i manage to beat it by about 300,000 points


i tried a few times, cant seem to get more than a round 300,000. how is the score calculated anyway? the only part that shows me a score is the diving, on the order of a few thousand, - where does it get 300,000 from that??


i think it takes your score for diving and times it by your time in the pool swimming. im not sure about the running part. theres really no secrets but you got to get a good score for diving. i think my score for diving was over 9000


now i just beat my old score of 818,000 and just got 830,000 :banana


Re: RE: triathalon

:lol i cant get more than 3000