Trick for chocolate

I made some “fondue” last night, and had A LOT left over so I popped it in the fridge. I wanted dessert tonight and this is what I did:

I had a piece of pound cake and some strawberries and threw them in a bowl. I had dark chocolate and white chocolate, so I chunked some out with a spoon, drop them in separate zip lock baggies and held them in a pot of water heating on the stove. It didn’t get anywhere near boiling and the chocolate melted perfectly! I just cut the corner off and drizzled it on my cake and strawberries.

I don’t see why it wouldn’t work with a candy bar or even the morsels you have to microwave and stir and microwave and stir… It’s a lot easier! And there’s no clean up because the pot is still clean!

Sounds easy and delicious!

That sounds really good. and yeah, chocolate is alot easier to work with than most people give it credit.

Now I am really hungry and jealous goes to raid Hotty’s fridge.


Chocolate! Yum!