Tricking your ECU


I was looking on ebay and i cam across these things and wasn’t sure if anyone has used them or if they even work? One is some sort of transistor that plugs into the ECU and makes it think you are pulling in air that is colder.

The other is some sort of chip that plugs into your mass air flow sensor.

I am just wondering if they are worth the money and if they could possibly mess up your motor? They say they don’t but sometimes people will say anything to make a buck!


anything that affects the ECU or computer, use a trustworthy name brand. the last thing you need is some cheap part ruining your engine or components of your enging. get a real chip to go with your mods. CAI and exhaust for starts to breathe better. dont mess up the computer. i wouldnt buy it… dunno about anyone else here, but isure wouldnt.


yea im not to trusting in a add on that looks like they printed the graphic off their home printer!


well, i just look at it from this perspective: there are ways to unlock “hidden” horsepower in your engine, but i wouldnt do it with an ebay product. if anyhting, you would get gears and recalibrate the speedo, or do engine mods then go in a program the comp to run at its best accordance with these upgrades. you dont lie to it. it will mess up your air/fuel ratio and if it gets it too wrong… detonation! so i wouldnt do it.


your exactly right! I just didnt know if they were any good.