Triumph the insult comic dog


What do you guys think of this puppet on the conan obrien show. i think that has to be the funniest thing on tv. i dont laugh too hard at alot of things but i downloaded some clips of this skit and i was laughing so hard it hurt.


:rofl he’s funny as hell :rofl


yeah he is. i was just watching the one where he was talking to people at the michael jackson trial and he was chatting with the lady reporter and he asked her “on a scale from 1 to 10, how old is michael jacksons boyfriend” man he is funny as hell.


I love anything conan, im going to see conan soon, god thats gonna be a blast. Tehre used to be a great conan website till NBC made them take it down

Edit: oh yea just realized i have conan in my sig haha


those are funny enough…

for me to poop on :lol