Trophy count


Man, not to brag, but the highest trophy’s this month was 25…way less than previous months. I think it’s cuz all these new guys comin and being better than us old gamers. Punks. Birdieman needs to come back and teach them a lesson :smiley: Not really, I don’t want him kickin my ass at the games…[/long ramble]


now how is that a long ramble :dunno


i also realized something about some of the games… the score you can get depends on your computer speed. meaning some games are soooo much easier on a slower computer but impossible on a fast one…

last month i played the game with the black boxes you have to avoid, and on the slow computer in my house i was able to get some decently high score… on my own comp (thats a bit faster) i can never get that high…

also games like eggs (with the chicken pooping eggs) are a lot easier when they go slower

just thought id point that out. :smiley: [/end excuses]


cheating bastard :fu

j/k :smiley:


Yes that is a drawback of flash, but on a positive note even the el-cheapo computers of last year are more than fast enough to play all the games here normally.

And yes, theirs much more competition now so the trophies are more spread out - which is a good thing.


yeah i know triathalon plays differently on different computers. i used to beable to get almost 900,000 points and now i can only get almost 700,000 points. or maybe its the difference between DSL and cable internet. cause when i got the 900,000 i had DSL and with the 700,000 i have cable. even tho i see no difference in speed surfing the net. who knows.


the good thing is though, there is soo many games htat there has to be atleast one you like lol


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i told him that in another thread and he ignored me…


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