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I am looking for some suggestions for a tropical vacation. We’re looking at the Bahamas, Aruba, Cancun, etc. First we were looking at a cruise, but the all-inclusive deals they offer at the resorts are must better deals…at least they seem to be.

Have any of you been anywhere tropical? Where would you recommend?? We want blue blue water and white white sand!!! Pina Coladas are nice too!!!



My brother just got back from a cruise to Cancun and he said it was awesome! He has got so many pictures! It looks like he had a blast!


dont come to guam it sucks here i have been here for 4months


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I’ll certainly remember that!!! :tard

In the service blank?


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and it’s expensive over there. My dad has a friend who’s planning on taking a vacation. roundtrip airfare is like 1 grand a ticket.


My boyfriend and I are thinking about going to Cancun for spring break this upcoming year, and we’d go with the all inclusive. It looks so beautiful there, but I’m kinda nervous going out of country because I’ve never been.

A friend of mine did the Bahamas this summer and loved it.


next summer i’m goin on a cruise with my bro and some friends to the carribeans, mexico, and the grand caymens. its gonna be crazy awesome. :banana


I have heard form manny people that if youre looking for a nice tropical getaway, Mexico is the place to go. Ive been told to stay away from the travel angency deals. They say that if you go just outside Mexico city, the beaches are soooo nice and very clean and you can stay in a super nice place for dirt cheap. I couldnt begin to tell you all the good stuff Ive heard about some of the places in Mexico.


Cancun is the place to be

Try either Cancun, or playa del carmen or whatever

It was amazing, White sand, and the clearest ocean water ive ever seen in my life…

If your looking for a tropical getaway, mexico is the place to be


Hawaii. I have been there, and it is GREAT. Its beautiful over there, and there is sooo much to do. The hotels are awesome, there are awesome views everywhere you look. Great resteraunts everywhere, shopping in the marketplace is cool. Snorkeling with all kinds of fish swimming around you is cool too. Me and the female are going in a couple of years, because next year we are going to Germany and Vegas. My grandpa has a place in Hawaii so it’s all good. :smiley:


my sis and her fam gots a coupla places down in costa rica :smiley:


I went to Dominican Republic 2 years ago and it was so nice…well the resort was but the poverty was really bad…

Cancun was a good time this past Spring Break…it was crazy and no words can descibe it lol

The ocean was gorgeous both places!

Aruba i heard is the best though :smiley:


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Aruba i heard is the best though :D[/quote]

Thats where the hubby wants to go. But then again, hes determined he’ll find Natalee and get the cool mil.

I have heard plenty of people say that once to Aruba you’ll never go anywhere else. I cant seem to find the all-inclusive for Aruba though?


i hope to go to Belize South America some day you should check it out.


go nov 24th ,iam booked…leaves from new orleans to cozemel…5 day …ill see you there ,you seened my pics…/??? :dunno they have foofoo drinks…we can party… :booze :booze and get shit faced too :tard the boat is the sensation…it only 500 per person…so book it …and let me know …


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Go to Joe and V’s in October they may have a tropical storm :rofl


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