Two announcements


Hey everyone, hope your days are going well.

I’d like to make two announcements today, and talk a bit about them.

  1. We will be hosting an RP on YD once more.
  2. @Josh_Waller will be removed from his position as community representative

As per our recent poll, there was expressed interest in another RP. We’ve had multiple here before at varying degrees of success, but I’m determined to make this one last.

A problem in the past was ensuring unelected role players continue to play; for this reason, I’m going to strongly suggest against a Senate-style RP.

We will be electing two people to GM the RP, you will have basically full reign over controlling it. You’ll be in charge of any calculations, etc. that are needed.

Josh was originally elected to represent the community to a staff team that the members felt were out of touch with their interests. I’d like to think I’ve demonstrated in the past that the community is my priority, and that hasn’t changed.

Josh has been almost entirely absent for weeks, and from what I’ve heard from others, he isn’t bothered with the position anymore.

That being said, I’d like feedback on whether we still need a community rep.




I do not see the pint of a community rep.

It should be your job as well anyway.


what’s the RP gonna be like?


nah I only supported it so waller could annoy you

rip waller


Well, it’s probably gonna be up to the guys we elect.

There’s multiple routes we could go, model UN, a RISK style strategy RP/ League of Nations, a World War 2 RP, etc.

We’ve hosted model senates before but people that don’t get elected into government are rarely interested in continuing their role playing, which is why I strongly suggest a different style.


I’m surprised this hasn’t been done already.

I voted for @oli and I’ll still do it.

#OliDinduNuffin #ModsAreKulaks #Gulag4Nazis #PraiseUncleOli #SupportDPRK


I figure it’s time for me to do it now that I’m settled in as forum director.


Waller pulled a Farage. Got what he wanted and fucked off.


When’s the election?


Later today or tomorrow. Basically whenever I have the time to sit down and make the application and thread.


elect to what?




Not sure RP will ever be anything big for this site. We tried a couple of years ago and that didn’t work. We had a lot more active members then, than we do now.


I think the position should still be in place, but it needs to change. The Community Rep is an important mediator, and someone who can be in charge of gaining feedback and advice from members on the website, so I think that it is a thing that should be kept. As for Waller, he was a bad choice because he is immensely out of touch, having worked with the guy. He was the wrong person for the job, and I am not surprised he has buggered off from the role. I hope someone else gets the role, if it is kept.

Roleplay GM Applications

Just get in bed with us when we ask you to, it will serve the same role