Two camaro guys


today i was at my sheriff’s test and the two guys behind were talking about thier cars. one had a 98 z28 and he said he had bought it with a lot of work already done to it. he said he knows it had a lot of work done because the car had headers and it was fast. :rofl
the other guy had a '00 ss, he said his was fast because he has a k&n and magna flow mufflers. :blah this was all the work they had done to thier cars.
they were saying how slow all mustangs are :wtf i just listened and laughed. i would have asked to race one but i was in my truck.

what is up with some people?


did they have mullets?


You should of busted in on their convo and started talkin all sarcastic and shit…like “O man you guys got COMAROS!!..Oh shiz thats fuckin nasty…whats that? you have a K&N air filter AND A MAGNAFLOW MUFFLER…NO FUCKIN WAY! I DON"T BELIEVE YOU…NOPE!!”

…then walk backwards away like :fu

…their faces will be like :wtf


Lmao should have thrown them with this… about their CAMEROS!

No way dude…i saw an LS1 fight godzilla and the LS1 beat godzilla and it looked in the air and was like what do you think of that god? And god was like bring it bitch, so they fought and the LS1 beat god and now the LS1 is god because its the greatest thing ever. ls1 > *



no mullets.

stang i would have done that if i was anywhere else but i didnt want to start anything, it was not the time or place. but it was a good laugh.


:lol :booze


i forgot one of the guys said he was putting an LS2 motor in his car. is this something that is even out. i have heard of LS1 but not an LS2. i dont know much about camaros, was he just blowing smoke?


I can tell…yes, there is an LS2. I hope your Mustang is a full bolt on car with some good tires?

Even with their few mods they’re high 12’s bottom 13 cars… :dunno


the guy that has the 98 z28 said he was going to put that motor in his car, it is not in his car now. i just was not sure if there was such a thing. i learn something everyday.


I haven’t heard of anyone swapping out an LS1 for an LS2…they’re basically the same motor, only one is slightly larger.


ellist00’s come in the C6 corvette.

I just saw my first C6 on the highway today. he went by, i saw what it was, busted a nut and then sped up to keep up with him so I could drool all over myself.


whew…when I read the topic of this thread said “two Camaro guys”, I avoided it because I figured it was another gay sex thread :owned


npow thats just wishful thinking on your part mike…hahaha :gay


HIYA BACON…long time no speak.

Hope you’re feeling better after your ahem flu. :smiley:


I’m feeling a lot better but they are removing my tonsils april 6th…not looking forward to it…just the pain med coming I’m going to get for it


ellist00’s come in the C6 corvette.

I just saw my first C6 on the highway today. he went by, i saw what it was, busted a nut and then sped up to keep up with him so I could drool all over myself.[/quote]

:banana I agree, I always thought vettes were cool but never cared that much for them…I think the c6’s look amazing.


I have never had my tonsils out either. I hear they give you ice cream :smiley:


you get all the ice cream you can eat. well at least i did but that was like 15 years ago.


hmmmm. time off work, meds, bedrest, TV, all the icecream I can eat and nurses.

calls doctor to complain about sore throat


I remember when I got mine taken out in high school. Got it done on a Thursday, Ice cream and jello for all meals. Went out Friday night with my friends and wasn’t supposed to drink because of the meds but had 2 quarts of teh Yuengling Lager followed by more on Saturday night. When I went in to see the doctor on Monday, he couldn’t believe how well my wounds cleared up in that short time. So, in short:

Yuengling beer helps the healing process and speeds up recovery time from the Tonsilectomy…and makes you feel good too.