Uber license revoked in London


Uber has had its license revoked in London for failing to comply with safety regulations and standards, according to TfL. This has prompted a lot of controversy surrounding the decision, especially from millennial Londoners who regularly use the service.

What are your thoughts on the issue? Should Uber have its license revoked? Is the regulation surrounding these issues sufficient?


This is a major disincentive to travel to London tbh.


“Should the company that only has 3% chance of giving you food poisoning have its license revoked?, even if people are pissed because it’s cheap?”

Although I don’t blame London millenials , Jesus fuck is London expensive


My friend who gets about 3 ubers a day won’t be happy.


lol at all the unemployed illegals as of next week


Uber isn’t banned in FRANCE but will now be in London wtf


Why is this a surprise of some kind?

Plenty of places have banned Uber, including Oregon, Alaska, Denmark, Luxembourg and a couple of cities elsewhere.

I don’t personally care and I think Uber will still be used ‘illegally’, simply because black cab prices are fucking extortionate.

A cab ride from Victoria to Waterloo, a journey of 2.5 miles, will cost the same as a ticket from London Gatwick to Rome Fiumincino booked 3 months in advance, or 22 pounds. They deserve to die out since they cannot compete. I normally support some degree of higher pricing for native produce but there’s no denying it is simple greed.

Working part-time with Uber as a student is apparently a nice self-funding of uni though, so it’s a shame for any Londoners unable to do it. Just have to give up all those student nights and drive your kin around instead, I guess. But financially worth it.


Should have tried to work more with them rather than just revoking it, Uber is definitely the future and the way that cab unions are up in arms against Uber, I have a strong feeling this decision had a hint of old-timer-ness to it.


I agree with the ban on ideological principle, as I feel that Uber; while a good service, is a shit company to work for. However, To play devil’s advocate, restricting service goes against the free market. Uber is quite a convenient service, and is a lot better than conventional taxis in terms of payment methods and fare prices, and speed too. This is because the Black Cab Union complained that another service was offering competition. Black cabs in London are very expensive. A business is a business, and Unions are a lot of trouble for businesses like Uber. If they let workers join a union, they’d lose quite a bit of profit, as would introducing the minimum wage. Ignoring rape and sexual assault allegations is unforgivable, but in regards to the business model, if you don’t like it, don’t use it. Don’t work for 'em. It’s the only way you will get some change.