Ugh For Fuck's Sake!

This seemed to be a fitting place for this topic… Cause I do it to myself :mad WTF every time i fucking try and trim my goatee i end up having to save the fucker off cause it always seems un even its like my fucking face is crooked and shit. So now I’m back to almost clean shaven and i hate it cuz the gotee thins out my fucking face :mad:(

so shave it all off…

i did i hate it. the only hair on my face is underneath my lip.

oh… you mean that Teal’c “soul chin 'stache thing?”:smiley:

lol yes

This may sound stupid, but what if you went out and bought an eyeliner pencil and outlined where you wanted to shave? Then you could erase and redraw until it looks even. No mistakes, no bare face!

:24: interesting idea

That’s actually a great idea :slight_smile:

I sir do not know how to do that
but i can find something to help if you’d like ! :smiley:

Dana, I saw the photo of you with your glasses and just your flava sava and you looked cool:thumbup

shave your eye brows and no-one will notice the goatie.

problem solved.


A white eyeliner pencil is best! I do that when I pluck my brows.