Uh oh!

My stomach is making an awful lot of strange noises and is doing flips. I think I know why too. My mom has some of those Fiber One granola bars and I ate one earlier for dinner, I think its doing a number on me :cool

Looks like POO time.

Omfg, Tmi!!!

:24: or it could be because Im just hungry :ninja

[quote=“Mrs Behavin, post: 1099504”]:24: or it could be because Im just hungry :ninja[/quote]Nope sounds like a #2, to me!

I guess that kinda stuff doesnt bother me, you’d be surprised the crap we deal with at work on a regular basis, stuff like that that gets talked about. Its just second nature to me :nod:

So was it just gas or a case of Hershey Squirts?

just plain ole gas :stuck_out_tongue:

TMI… just sayin’… lol

hahahaaha tim u daft sod yuck


Yea that was funny. I was thinking she’s gonna BLOOOOOWWWW HAHAHA.