Uh ohs, somebodys got some wrenches!


and it begins…

The loud exhaust problem…

Got the muffler off two weeks ago before I sprained the fuck out of my ankle.

Me wrenching away at the fucking rear o2…

Me writhing in pain from my horribly bloody wound…

Ok not really… I was licking the blood off grossing out brian.

The fingers say it all…

Now I bought a gutted cat from someone about 4 years ago and I just found out that it won’t work. the header to cat bolts are oppositely positioned… sooo now we’re stuck and have to get the cat nuts off. sigh

I’d say for 5 years, replacing the exhaust (that I was going to do anyway) and o2 senser as far as maintenance are pretty damn good.


Oh and Brian gives his approval to PB Blaster.


Damn, ya’ll some hairy mu fukas! Looks like we got some replacement wookies now that I’m outa the running. :smiley:


that downpipe looked a little…ummmm…corroded


yeah, thats why it fell apart… Always somethin, eh? haha


oooh shiny new parts… and working on cars.
sound slike a fun afternoon!

makes me want to not sell my 240Z :frowning:


can i buy you a hamburger