UK Border Force


Anyone else watching UK Border Force on Sky? It’s a bloody brilliant tv show.


not seen it, but I hope it’s better than the real thing, which is utterly pathetic


It’s a documentary about the actual border force of the UK.


it must be a parody of the real thing, you know like the ‘Blair Witch Project’ or something, can’t be real, it’s too dumb


no, it’s a film crew in UK airports, filming real interactions.


and does it show you the thousands of illegals flooding in evey day? How about the 400K ‘legal’ ones??


Obviously they can’t show thousands of people on one TV programme, but they do bring individual cases, raids against people employing illegal immigrants, and checking trucks for illegal immigrants trying to cross over from Calais.

It is the real border force.


Just did a YouTube search. All of the episodes are on YouTube for free!

Have a look:


Yeah but this doesn’t affirm my agenda so I don’t like it sorry



“liBeRaL PrOpAgNdA” - @Martina


The first episode is brilliant:

“You are allowed 200 cigarettes, you brought 18,000.”

“I apologise”