Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny

So this discussion in the Man, good thing Kryptonite isnt real, it sounds dangerous! thread. Teh Awesomeness has outgrown that thread, and we shall continue here.
Previously on Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny:
NicAuf: Superman is gay
All Else Failed: I’m a “V” fan myself.
EmperorKupcake: Superman is cool, but Batman is cooler. I mean, whats better than having no actual super powers, just a hell of a lot of money, a bunch of power tools, and a strict exercise routine? Psh, if you threw Kryptonite at Batman, he’d laugh and beat you senseless with one of his Bat-Themed weapons.

Peter Parka: spiderman would kick both their arses!

New Challenger- Mr Rogers. He’s slaughtered millions, and its caught on tape!

Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny

oh man we cant forge mighty mouse…now he was spunky and wonderful

Mighty Mouse, I laugh at the super rodent.

Two words: Darth Vader.

darth vadar…dammit how could i forget…i consede

Darth Vader and the dark side is no match for Mr Rogers. Cookies tempt him not to abandon his long run pbs series, even in death. His motives are pure, his sweater buttoned, and his shoe laces tied to give vader a kick in the ass from his mighty toe of justice.

[SIZE=1]You cant argue with anyone voiced by David Jason![/SIZE]

Who would win in a fight all the mutants in X-Men or all the Jedi?

i see there being more jedi than xmen.

but xmen is the better story, with undertones of accepting people with differences. star wars is just good vs evil.

gambit ftw

Jedi are pussies! X Men would kick there arses… Except chewy.:ninja !

no no no it would be the jedis!!! (huge star wars fan! YES)

the millions of fans pissed off about the last few movies will unite against george lucas and his jedi, leading the x-men and stan lee to victory!

I’m gonna have to go with the Jedi. I mean Wolverine’s a badass but he’s not match for a lightsaber.

Captain planet would come in and kick all there asses with one swoop of a mighty tornado.

"captain planet hes our hero…gonna take pollution down to zero…lol i loved it!

Captain Planet is really just Al Gore in disguise :ninja

we’ll take a poll in who will win and he’ll get screwed by florida again :jk