Where is everyone at? Not much going on here. Kind of tonight.


Well I’m here. Only becauase I’m at work though. Are you at home?


Yep and bored as heck!


i just got off work, but my guess is: friday night… partying.


Kind of what I was thinking. If I didnt have to be at work early tomorrow morning, and oh yeah, if I wasnt broke either, I would be out doing something myself.


i got off work and went to my parents. It’s 20 to 10 and I just now got home.


I’m going to Waldorf MD. for a party. Bacons neck o the woods.

but then i have to come back V.B. later that night. I have to bring my cousion on base to pick up her hubby. The Carl Vinson is coming back afet her 6+ months deployment.

Here is a Trivia question Who is/was Carl Vinson ?


cv was mr. armed services, mr. navy, mr. american, mr. congressman

there is a uss carl vinson…

served in public service for georgia as well as our nation for 50+ years.

just a coupla facts i found :dunno


Well alrighty then Mr. google head.



just got off work!! i will be off for the next 2 days!!! thanks god


It is really friggen boring here tonight.


was offa work on friday so went to a buds party on thrusday night, slept friday day, then did more partying tonight


you were only about 30 minutes from me black and I was working the main gate tonight…could of stopped by and brought me a tea or something