Underdrive Pulleys


How do underdrive pulleys help your horse power? Why dose the smaller diameter pulley improve your horse power? :dunno


slows down your alternator and water pump, since they create drag to turn them over.


what sort of effects dose that have on your car?


none really, some cars have a small chance of running hotter than normal or charging the battery especially if in really hot standstill traffic or a big amp stereo system. more of a problem on the 5.0’s not as much with the 4.6’s


what about the 3.8s?
And why dose it give you hp?


i have seen 4.6’s not gain 1 hp out of them. :dunno


You won’t gain horsepower from them, you’ll get lost horsepower back from them.


yea, you get some of the power used to run accesories back b/c it is freed up due to less of the engine going to the alt…


who has ac and all that shit? take it out lol thats just more weight! :lol