Upgrade your post whoring ability

I shouldn’t tell bacon this, but you can get through posting faster if you’ve been using your mouse to click the “post reply button”.

But everytime I go to submit a thread/post a reply I just hit tab twice, and then tap the space bar.

Sometimes it screws up my text, sometimes it doesn’t. You can use the enter key too.

Try it, it’s easier than reachin for your mouse.

I post fast enough as it is

btw if you’re using the quick reply you only have to hit tab once.

I just don’t understand.

nm, now i understand

If I didn’t have a 30 second wait, I’d smoke you.

Instead of clicking on the “post reply button” which takes all of 5 seconds, just hit your tab key (top left of your keyboard under the ` and 1 keys) twice then hit the space bar/enter key.

It’ll post a reply that way.

typing the text of your post

tap tab
tap tab
tap space bar/enter key

It posts! voila. post whoring extraordinaire.

I don’t have a 30 second wait

and if I wanted to I could widen the gap between us more

That’s my point. I’m handicapped because of that.

I mean its that easy

its really not a big deal to me

damn, my psp doesnt have a tab button.

hey stop whoring my thread.

what???I’m just teaching how to whore faster

I think I know how to, thanks anyway. Cheater.

what I’m showing everyone else

Yeah thats what the RPW thread is for.



that too