Upgrading tonight

Ok, here’s the skinny on what happened to the site.
The server on which this forum resides was changed out. The site was moved to a new server and in the process some of the files and the database was corrupted. This is why some sections, links, features aren’t working right. Tonight I will be upgrading the site and trying to repair the database. So we will be down while I’m working on it. We may need to restore the database to the last known working archive, but that back-up is 8 months old… that’s right boys and girls, we may lose the last 8 months of posts, PM’s, new members, our lives… That’s the worst case though… I will try everything I can to save what we have.

So take a few moments and say good-bye to your friends… we will be down for a few hours.

BTW, the look of the site might not jive with the new update. So we may have a new and improved look when we are up and running again.

Wow, so they just randomly changed servers without any warning or any notice so the sites that pay good money can continue on after it’s done.

Bravo to that company. Bravo.

just remember my post count and adjust it if it goes bye bye

don’t we all just love change.:mad

Well that’s another thing, we are basically starting from the beginning with that. I know this is really bad, but the site needs to be fixed. Everyone will have a zero post count.

:eek Eight Months… Thats So many Threads and Posts and … OMG… I cant even begin to Think how much I have put into this site in the Last 8 months…

Damn We are all gonna be back to like NO posts count… All that hard work, hours of Post Whoring… Gone:(

So umm How much time do we have before you Shut us Down??

What about Rep??

Rep might be gone too. I’ll have to see what I can do. I’ll be working on it after Alicia feeds me. never. I mean soon.

well, it was nice getting to know everyone this past month. if i have to start over, please send me love and reps when we get back up :smiley:

wow. a zero post count. poor V, james and bacon.


oh yeah, that sucks.

Hmm…*wonders if this Was Dt3’s evil plan to catch up his post count??

Lol, It will be nice to have things back to normal… but the thought of losing 8 months of everything… yep gotta say it kinda sucks.

I’m saving my suggestions threads.

I have a copy of the old database, so I will extract everything I can…

I hope we don’t lose anything. But if we do, we will have fun making it up again…

Silent, I will save all your poetry. You shouldn’t lose any of it… You are high on my list of items to save.

I’m taking the snacks and the water cooler!!!

…maybe even run around naked for a few before the doors close!! :eek

Thank you.

16360 posts

ok in 2 posts

ok now I got it

Ugh all that hard work lost :mad

:jk Well we’ll rebuild and make it better.

Haha, it better not be.