Upon reflection, i have returned


Hello all, im fairly sure i recognize a few people on various threads.
Im Ed, 19, and i guess the best way to describe me atm is that i am a Classical Liberal, however some of those who remember me may remember i once was a Market Socialist! Im a student currently intending to go to Exeter Uni in September, however we’ll see how that goes…

Im an active member of the UK Conservative Party and having been a member of YD since July 2014 i thought i’d check back in to see how everything has changed! Anyway i look forward to debating a bit with a few of you, however atm i wont have a vast amount of time due to exams. Anyway nice to be back!




Ew[quote=“TheReformer, post:1, topic:104725”]
Anyway nice to be back!

Hi :slight_smile:




I’ll agree to that :stuck_out_tongue:

Heyy Frankie :wink:


Welcome back to the site :stuck_out_tongue: hope you do well on your exams :slight_smile:




What the hell, I never got this :sob:


Liberal scum.[quote=“TheReformer, post:1, topic:104725”]
Exeter Uni
Northerner Scum[quote=“TheReformer, post:1, topic:104725”]
UK Conservative Party
Tory scum.


Well, i see Mobutu survived :stuck_out_tongue:



Ew- Eh idc


Ahh, I remember you, fun times.

Welcome back!


Remember you too aha, nice to be back!


Isn’t it just!

You’re get used to the new layout within the first half hour or so, we’re still working out the kinks btw.


Yeah, i have just worked out that you can click ‘categories’ and suddenly everything is simple :joy:


Lol yeah, the unread section also helps.



Forgot to say, come to me if you have any questions and if you want to be added back to Skype chat then ask @Frankie nicely :wink:


Cheers :wink: though i shant be going back on Skype, cant bear the thought of waiting 10 minutes for all the messages to load again :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol no worries, it’s got better, but in fairness it’s dry asf tonight


This post reminded me that 90% of the original Senate is gone.