Upstate New York gunman kills 13, commits suicide

[SIZE=5]This is the fifth mass shooting in the past month. The debate goes on. [/SIZE][SIZE=5]More abt the story…[/SIZE]

Wasnt he mad because he lost his job and decided to kill immigrants?

I guess the recession makes some people run amok

There are some studies that agree with this statement.

Crime rates too will shoot up

Haven’t really felt it since to think people would steal from my client for basic survival. :surrender

yup yup yup :nod:

My last resort for survival is beg, steal or borrow

Begging out here can get you up to 500 a day, if you steal then I am the one who is going to catch that, as far as borrowing, did a ton of that last year, wasn’t fun.

I don’t believe it has anything to do with money.

It has to do with being a fucking lunatic.

I have not reached that stage yet, hopefully I can make ends meet

With a gun in hand, a shooting spree is an option


Very sad.

Desperados with guns might consider that option if troubled


I think you’re right on!

People are scared and with so many out of work and losing their health insurance and homes, crime is increasing across the counry. This is only the beginning.

Sounds like a plain lunatic

Gunmen Kills Three Pittsburgh Police Officers

He feared Obama administration has plans to ban guns. More…

I still think he was just a little butt sore from losing his job and decided to punish innocent immigrants for his misfortune.