no no no :wtf


Damn teenage boys and their penises. Maybe he was on E :wtf


To rape a dog…thats f***ked up. That is just down right nasty! BTW, that was a beautiful dog. I cant imagine how the parents of those 2 girls feel about the whole thing. I think I would literally kill the kid.
I have never heard of someone raping a dog. Yuck! But you know, he’ll probably get off on some kind of insane psycho crap or something like that! Thats whats messed up.


:wtf That kid needs to be shot


Someone needs to call Elena!!!

And forget where they thew it!!!


thats some fucked up shit right thar folks…uh huh :barf


OH…MY…GOD! :wtf


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Are we forgetting the 2 little girls???


Re: RE: upyournosewitharubberhose!

no, there are 15 lines of :barf ^^

the 2 girls and the dog get 5 lines apiece… :dunno


Lock that summa bytch in a closet with a couple Pitbulls


well that’s just plain disturbing. Wait till he gets to prison and has to BE the bitch.

Poetic justice at it’s finest.