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My original statement was [quote=“Champion, post:12, topic:112700”]

and it should be clear that such a short entry on wikipedia I would have read anyway, especially considering I linked it.

What? I mean, Plato’s Republic was certainly not democratic but that’s a stretch.[quote=“Little_Miss_Hitler, post:17, topic:112700”]
being fond of women does not exclude homosexuality or pederasty

It is almost universally agreed that what Aristotle meant was that the reason for the “lamentably privileged” status of women was that pederasty and male bonding was absent. In effect, he’s blaming a lack of homosexual activity for the ability of Spartan women to walk around scantily-clad and own 1/4 of Spartan land.

Plato and Xenophon often held rivaling views; in fact, their interpretations of the world around them differed significantly. Just look at the two’s separate accounts of Socrates’s death and how Plato claimed Socrates was searching for higher truth and thus walked into his own demise willingly, whilst Xenophon just makes Socrates into a heroic martyr who was brave and unafraid of death. Clearly, Platonic ideals were less of a concern to Xenophon.[quote=“Little_Miss_Hitler, post:17, topic:112700”]
This sounds more like Plato’s concept of “platonic love” then it does a realistic picture of same sex relations in Sparta. But regardless, the relationship was clearly portrayed by Plutarch as being romantic in nature,

Actually, most modern analysis holds that Plutarch was lamenting the lack of homosexuality in Sparta.