Usain Bolt stripped of Rio Gold Medal


Usain Bolt has been stripped of one of his Gold Medals from the Rio Olympics, after one of his teammates fails a drug test.

How would you tackle the competitive sport drugs problem?


You don’t. It’s moves too quickly, is too agile, and has good enough vision to find open lanes.


Yet you would let people and their careers suffer from it? I’m sure that Usain Bolt and the rest of the team are not the guilty parties, but they get punished.


The key word there is team.

You’re not going to stop them from trying. They know the repercussions of being caught. If they do use PEDs and get caught, it’s their fault.


They were unawares. They are victims.

Sure, maybe. Yet why should other people suffer?

Would there not need to be a better push, because it affects more than just the single athlete? It affects an entire team who have no control over their drug habits.


punishing a guy cause his friend did something wrong


sounds like the american system


I’d just allow drugs.

Olympics would be much more interesting, and the market for performance enhancers would boom.