off to savannah in a few hours!! I cant wait!!! Im going without kids and with out hubby. I wish he could go though. :frowning: Anyways, this is my first trip bymyself EVER!! Its gonna be a blast! :slight_smile:


what are you goig to be doing down there, hope you have a great time. :smiley:


I am going with a few friends. We are gonna go on the ghost tour, ect there. :slight_smile: Its gonna be a blast. :slight_smile:


Re: RE: vacation

have fun :banana :banana :booze


Whats the ghost tour, like haunted houses?


yep… and we get to see the garden from Midnight Garden of good and evil. :slight_smile:


Awesome, sounds like alot of fun. :rock


i like spooky stuff :o sounds like fun. :wave


it will be very fun.> I have to pack my bags-- so I will be back in a few minutes. :slight_smile:


just currious is their alot of people in georgia with the last name of TADDEI


huhh?? TADDEI??


yeah taddei my grandfathers family came from georgia. around the savanah area. taddei is his last name. the way you pronounce it is like taddy but its with a EI at the end


cool. No I havent heard that name yet. But i will check out the savannah phone book. :slight_smile:


Do you need me to go with you to keep you warm and safe?


sure… lol :slight_smile:


Where and when


WOW have fun V!!! I’d love to get away for a few days with no hubby or kids!!!

Dont do anything Joe wouldnt do…LoL!

:dunno :rofl :dunno :rofl :dunno :rofl :dunno


have fun V :banana


ghost tours are fun… i hope that you have a great time!


Stay away from construction zones!