"Thimerosal has never undergone even one modern safety test. It was developed in 1927 and patented by Eli Lilly in 1928. It was first tested on small animals and killed a variety of mice, rabbits and chicks. After the animals died from exposure to Thimerosal, the decision was made to administer it to 22 patients suffering from bacterial meningitis during an epidemic in Indianapolis, Indiana in 1929.

Of the 22 persons given Thimerosal, all died, most within a day or two of administration. The doctor overseeing the trial, on stipend from Eli Lilly, declared that the patients had all died of meningitis and that Thimerosal was not observed to have caused any problem when administered to his patients. With that declaration, and a subsequent one by Eli Lilly staff that Thimerosal has a low order of toxicity for man, even though it killed small animals, Thimerosal was introduced into the drug supply. Yet, despite warnings in the published scientific literature that Thimerosal was toxic, and despite opposition to its use in every decade since, Thimerosal has remained in the drug supply.

The first protest on record against this highly toxic mercury compound was made in 1935 by the Pittman Moore Company which declared that, after testing, it found Thimerosal “was unsuitable as a preservative in serum intended for use in dogs…”

The FDA, passive with regard to safety testing, has never provided the results of appropriate toxicological tests on Thimerosal. Factually, the vaccine makers who use Thimerosal as a preservative are required by law to conduct and submit the results of such safety tests to the FDA before the FDA can legally approve a vaccine. Yet, the FDA has yet to produce even one of these vaccine maker’s toxicity studies, demonstrating Thimerosal safe for administration to humans, despite the fact that these documents have been sought in a court of law."


my network of politically charged blogs has better accuracy than institutions that generally adhere to the scientific method

the CDC is lying to you, except when I use it as a source for my points

health testing done in the 1930’s killed some animals by giving them mercury, proving the FDA is a fraudulent institution beholden to Big Pharma


Empirical to the credulous man, I trusted vaccines up to the point where I saw too many cases of it leading to the destruction of children and I researched mercury; this isn’t to say I don’t trust any medicine but if someone is going to put something in my or my hypothetical child’s veins I want to know what the contents of the shot is as well as the science (e.g. evidence that it’s safe).


at least you’re honest about the potential corruption, lol

Well it’s 2k17 and we’ve got too many vegetables which we didn’t used to have.


yeah because we used to kill them off, ever heard of eugenics?


Thimerosal appears in very trace amounts of vaccines, and only in multi-shots. Just like flouride, it does not harm humans in the small amounts that it is introduced to us in.


“I did a google search and now I’m a chemist and doctor” Seriously though, Thimerosal is a mercury based compound yes, but that doesn’t mean it has the same toxicity as mercury, that’s as stupid as saying table salt is highly toxic because it’s a chlorine based compound.


It doesn’t mean it’s not toxic? And it’s not the only toxic ingredient in vaccines. The fact it’s had so many adverse reaction on children particularly and that there has not been extensive enough research into vaccines leads me to believe there was corruption within the pharmaceutical industry and it’s nothing new, anyone with common sense knows that there are bastards in it for the money and social engineering e.g. antidepressant epidemic, stimulants on children etc.


just don’t respond to the dolt, it only validates his insanity


“Toxic ingredients” is quite misleading unless you can actually provide evidence that they are present in actually dangerous doses and administered in an unsafe way, otherwise I can just make you a list of “toxic ingredients” in an organic banana (including radioactive potassium!)


Did you know that the government forces dihydrogen monoxide to come out of your taps? It’s found in literally every single autistic person. Before we get to vaccines, we have to solve this problem.


Can confirm, was exposed to dihydrogen monoxide as an infant and now have autism.


I completely agree with compulsory vaccinations. Anti Vaccers have no scientific reason for not wanting to vaccinate their kids. If you believe that your kid has a choice, your kid doesn’t know jack shit. If you’re worried about it being tested on animals, well come up with a better way of testing them, because we can’t test on humans. If you believe the cause autism, I have autism and I have had my vaccinations, therefore I am immune to Rubella and Measles. And Mumps, don’t forget Mumps.


Yep parents should have no rights as to whether their young child is injected with neurotoxins and substances which are known to cause nuerological damage.


And what evidence is there for Thimerosal having these effects? The scientific consensus is that there’s no evidence for it.



Use your own arguments, not only is copy-pasting without a source plagiarism, it’s annoying and intellectually dishonest.


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It was sourced at the top.


TEN LIES Told by Those Who Say “Mercury in Vaccines is Safe”

Refuted by a Mother who Knows Better
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