You’d have comprehended the first bit of text you referred to if you’d have watched the first video I shared… I didn’t bother replying to you because you hadn’t even read or looked into the post thus you had insufficient knowledge so wasn’t worth my time.


What, you want me to write an analysis and argument for all those 9 lies the articles disproves rather than having it out in the open for the curious eye to examine, then make their mind on it based on reason/evidence?




Yes debate, like you should have debated the evidence rather than deleting straight off lol, love how you derail of topic taking things out of context instead addressing my argument - very cowardly for a forum director


Right, so debate instead of copy pasting a long-ass article. It’s counter-productive to debate. This isn’t an argument, I’m telling you how it’s going to work.


Again taking things out of context as you won’t address anything - cowardly conduct.


Relying on the efforts of others instead of standing on your own feet is both lazy and cowardly.


Copying and pasting from other sites hurts this site’s SEO, do you not understand that?

Anyway, a debating forum is about people using their own debating skills, if it wasn’t, we’d all just sit here chucking quotes from “higher authorities” at each other and arguing about which one is best.


I personally think that people who don’t get their children vaccinated are one of the most idiotic people I have ever heard of. The mother in the video talks about how her child became non-vocal because of the vaccine but there could be an underlying issue or genetic problems. She does briefly say that they got an MRI and he had 2 strokes. But never mentions any scientific testing of her child that could suggest that the vaccine is at fault. The only “evidence” that she mentions is that cancer patients aren’t allowed to be around kids who recently had their vaccinations because they shed traces of the disease. But that’s how vaccinations work. They inject you with the disease so your body knows how to fight it if the disease ever enters the body. But the question I would ask her is did you ever get small pox, diphtheria, or meningitis? No? Well that’s because your parents got you vaccinated.