Verdict-Not Guilty


Updated: 5:21 p.m. ET June 13, 2005Michael Jackson was found not guilty Monday on all counts in his trial on child molestation charges, concluding a two-year legal saga for one of the world’s most well-known pop stars.


The courtroom sat silently as Judge Rodney Melville opened the jury envelopes one by one and silently read the verdict forms to himself before allowing the court clerk to read the verdict out loud.

Outside the courthouse, fans shouted and wept with joy over Jackson’s acquittal.

Jackson, 46, was indicted on 10 counts for allegedly molesting a then-13-year-old cancer patient, serving him wine and then conspiring to hold him and his family captive. The charges against him included four allegations of molestation, one of attempted molestation, four of serving alcohol to a minor and one for conspiracy.

Jurors deliberated for seven days before reaching their decision, and last Friday asked for a readback of testimony from Jackson’s accuser, now 15. The jury of eight women and four men ranged in age from 21 to 79; eight are parents and six acknowledged they were fans of Jackson’s music.

Two were Hispanic, one was Asian and the rest were white. Jackson supporters had protested that no black jurors were chosen for the trial


How did I guess that! Go figure. That just makes me so mad! Too mad to even talk about it!


I think its fine. The dumb bitch who was accusing him was a nut. She just wanted money out of him. He isn’t the most normal person, but just because he is different doesn’t mean he deserves to be sued by some bitch wanting money. Most people thought Micael Jackson was pretty cool until the first child mollestation case. Then some people felt like it wasn’t cool to be a fan of someone who has been accused of child mollestation. So more and more people started jumping on the bandwagon and saying they don’t like him because of what he does, when in reality those people don’t know any more about the truth in these accusations than the next person.


i think MJ is - well id doesnt matter now! he has about 6 or so other pending lawsuits from former employees who are trying to get money out of him…


He isnt the worlds most normal person, he is a little weird, even before all the accusations. But why the hell does he have a place called Neverland Ranch? I still find him suspicious myself.


yea i think hes a gay pedophile


Why is that all the “Famous” people can get away with anything. For example, Michael Jackson or how about O J Simpson or Robert Blake? Im sure theres a lot more too. I guess because they can afford the expensive attorneys.


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Frickkin good point! Still, he is one strange dude. Everything you said is right on but strange people tend to do strange abnormal things. Also Michael and his nievness left himself open for stuff like this.


Well, would any of you let your kids go stay at his Ranch?


I for myself am outraged. Think about it…its not just money…or Bill Gates would be accused of it.

Do you all remember about 15 years ago he paid a woman off to make her drop the charges from one of the many of his accusers. The dollar amount never came out. But with this trial it did. He paid that woman 20 million dollars!!! Not twenty dollars…2 billion dollars. I dont care how much money you have…no one would EVER give anyone two dollars for such a horrid accusation.

Its fact

He slept with kids…not 2 year olds…15 year olds.

Its fact

He had homosexual pornography in the room that he slept with them in.

Its fact

He’s paid off more than one family for this accusation.

He was guilty. But he’ll get his one day.

I must also add that after the first time it happened…there is NO WAY IN HELL I would let my kids go hang out at Neverland. Those parents that allowed another child to be put into that situation are JUST AS GUILTY!!!


AMEN SISTER!!! Couldnt have said it better myself.


I think he has in the past and is very guilty of being a pedofile but I think this case was just about a broad trying to scam…if it isn’t and he did do it…just goes to show you money can buy you freedom


Im not so sure it isnt a combo of the money and the fame. Do you think an unknown rich guy coulda gotten away with it?? I dont. :dunno


well shit, he did the same damn thing twice! or 3x! the parents should boycott neverland ranch and not be careless enough to even let MJ have the opportunity to be around kids.

guess what, MJ is expected to be bankrupt by the end of next yr! LOL. he will have to sell his rights to his and the beetles music to pay off debts then he will have NOTHING!


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HE double hockey sticks no.